[ B E T A ]

sure – we´ll save your ass

—ReMiXiNG tHe WoRd — ReCLAiMiNG tHe WoRLd

Photomontage categories and tags


Fine subversivesproper art photomontage
Illustrationsrough image/element montage
Ordbråkbild/element med reviderade svenska ordspråk/talessätt
Slogan remixesrough image/text montage


Class—Classwar [ big corp, class, classwar, inequality, old money, rich and poor, social injustice, social struggle ]
Democracy—Old money [ aristocracy, autocracy, big corp, democrazy, inequality, inequity, kleptocracy, oligarchy, plutocracy ]
Environment—Climate change [ climate action, climate activism, climate change, climate crisis, environment, fossil fuel industry, nature, oil companies, pollution ]
Feminism—Gender [ boys and girls, equality, income gap, inequality, injustice, man and woman ]
Politics—Economics [ capitalism, inequality, inequity, liberalism, neoliberalism, political economy, political system, politics, politrics, politrix, socialism ]
Society—Civil [ civil rights, civil society, human rights, social matters, social secure, wellfare state ]

—ReMiXiNG tHe WoRd — ReCLAiMiNG tHe WoRLd—

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