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Shots from the hip, almost stealthy. Unguarded, unattended, moments. Street photography in a Lomographic-brown-bokeh style. Kvibergs Market, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Everyone’s a salesman, and everyone’s a customer. Everything is commodity.

Rough and crowded like a fairy tale bazaar with both proper goods and worn out stuff from recycling stations.

Located in an old military block, Kvibergs Market is still not a so proper sales area where you’ll find anything you might need — or not need. Or sell.

❞ We are multicultural, colorful, loud and open. We are genuine!

No bankster needed to start a little business.

For seven euro you can hire an indoors table square of 1,5x3m for a day. A suitable option for sub class people.

Humans must trade, exchange services and create sustainable relations. But how to free the markets from capitalism where big money is the decisive main thing?

❞ Discover another side of Gothenburg away from expensive shops,
pretentious display of status and lack of human contact

Kvibergs is a grand meeting place for people from all over Gothenburg, especially from the suburbs, where the prices are often low, allthough the quality is in the wild range of bad and very good

Kviberg market is alive and kicking far from posh and sneer. An ordinary sub society people experience. ▰

Experience Gothenburg’s largest market with its unique and lively atmosphere

Every weekend, more than 200 sellers and 5,000 visitors meet to buy, sell, repair, discover, eat, meet, watch people!

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